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Welcome to CCCC Basketball.  The head coach for both the CCCC Men’s and Women’s teams is Dr. Herb Hofer. Hofer is in his 6th year as head coach. 

The Men’s and Women’s teams belong to the Northern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference which consists of 10 colleges in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Canada.  The Wolves also compete in the AIHEC National Basketball Tournament which is held each March.

The outlook for the 2016-2017 season looks to be great. We already have games scheduled with more to come. Our first game will be in the Lake Region State College Invitational in Devils Lake Sports Center.

CCCC Wolves Basketball’s Mission is to produce fine young women and men through athletics, where each student/athlete will be given the tools to perform at his/her potential both on and off the court, as a team player and as an individual (leader). 

2017-2018 Men's & Women's Basketball Schedule

Date Team Location Teams
Jan. 17 Trinity Bible College* Home W/M
Jan. 19 Leech Lake Tribal College* Leech Lake, MN W/M
Jan. 20 Leech Lake Tribal College* Leech Lake, MN W/M
Feb. 3 Turtle Mountain Community College* Home W/M
Feb. 6 Trinity Bible College* Ellendale, ND W/M 6:00/8:00
Feb. 9 Oak Hills Christian College* Home M
Feb. 10 Oak Hills Christian College* Home M
Feb. 15-17 Northern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Tournament* Home W/M
Feb. 28 - March 4 Tribal College & Universities National Tournament New Town, ND W/M

Games with asterisk (*) are NIAC conference games



Herb Hofer Jenna Gillett
Herb Hofer, Ph.D.
Athletic Director/Coach

Jenna Gillett
Technology Instructor/Asst. Coach