College Committees

Committees are working groups comprised of all CCCC employees to conduct the business of the college thereby carrying out the strategic plan goals and objectives. The committee process assists in keeping everyone informed and engaged. The ultimate goal is student success and fulfillment of the CCCC mission. The committee process provides documentation (evidence) toward the development of the accreditation self study.

The Academic Dean (AD) and Dean of Administration (DA) oversees the work of the committees to assure follow through and accomplishment. Each committee has been named and a purpose described. A leader (chair) is designated for each committee by consensus of the members. Brief meeting notes are recorded and submitted to the President's office via the AD & DA for documentation of the work and as part of the accreditation evidence process. As appropriate, committee notes are shared with all employees and committee leaders/chairs report out at monthly staff meetings.

Management CommitteeIntegrates the work of all committees thereby linking assessment process and program reviews to planning and budgeting; monitors progress of strategic plan priorities via committee structure; plans for resource development; oversees all reporting requirements including enrollment management and accreditation status toward ongoing institutional improvement; and leads internal communications toward faculty/staff cooperation and understanding

Cynthia Lindquist, Chair

Chelly Merkel-Veer

Jackie Lampert & Kim Krebsbach (Acting - Academic Deans) Evie McDonald
Vanessa Thomas Lacey McKay
Vicki Oehlke Melody Volk
Stuart Young Heidi Ziegenmeyer
Clayton Peltier Samantha Gourd
Chris Dahlen  
Student Academic Advisors – Assures students are informed/knowledgeable about their respective academic pathway (program of study) and the various resources available toward successful outcomes. Advisors serve for the duration of the student's tenure (through graduation). Cooperates and communicates with Student Success staff.
Dr. Herb Hofer - HPER & Liberal Arts
Jenna Gillett - Office Technology, Business & CDL
Heather Marxen - Carpentry, Fine Arts, Pre-Engineering, Natural Resources, Pre-Nursing, & non-degree seeking
Eric Rogness - Dakota Studies & Liberal Arts
Jackie Lampert - Early Childhood Education, Social Work & Professional Driver (CDL)
Student Academic Mentors – Guides and directs students in being a responsible college student, knowledgeable of programs of study, and provides referral assistance as needed.
Lori Gourneau - Pre-Nursing Karl Haefner - Pre-Engineering
Galynn Lindemann - Social Work Kim Paulson - Carpentry
Carol Greywater - Fine Arts Steven Smith - Business
Heidi Ziegenmeyer - Natural Resources Richard Rasmussen - Professional Driving (CDL)
Mike Parker - Pre-Engineering Vern Lambert - Dakota Studies
Lorraine Greybear - Dakota Language Louis Garcia - Carpentry
Kevin Cartwright - English Karen Saari - Math
Brent Voels - Science/Research Clayton Peltier - SSS
Marliss Platz - SSS Evie McDonald - CTE

Assessment Committee – Coordinates the assessment process that assures student learning outcomes are met.  Hub for all assessment (gathering of data).

Mike Parker, co-chair Jackie Lampert, co-chair
Eric Rogness Kevin Cartwright
Vern Lambert Heidi Ziegenmeyer
Steven Smith Brent Voels

Curriculum CommitteeDevelops and coordinates the program review process that includes course reviews.  Overseen by the Academic Dean and includes:

Chris Dahlen, Chair Jenna Gillett
Lori Gourneau Brent Voels
Herb Hofer Karen Saari
Mike Parker  

Recruitment Committee – Developes, coordinates, and implements strategies and activities based on trend data to promote CCCC to increase student enrollment.

Melody Volk, Chair Melvine Reierson
Germaine Thompson Ann Wadsworth
Darica Deckert Deborah LaVallie
Lois Leben

Cali Jackson

Retention Committee – Develops, coordinates, and implements strategies and activities based on trend data to improve student retention toward successsful student outcomes (completion). Coordinates work with Student Senate (formerly called Student Government).
Clayton Peltier Kim Krebsbach
Vicki Oehlke Douglas Cudworth
Carol Greywater Kevin Cartwright
Lorraine Greybear Evie McDonald

Data Management Committee/ATD (Achieving the Dream)Fosters the development, use, and understanding of institutional data and assures all committees are using data to inform their work.

Stuart Young Tina Ploium
Chris Dahlen Vicki Oehlke
Jackie Lampert Lacey McKay
Steven Smith Melody Volk
Karen Saari Chelly Merkel-Veer
Financial Aid Committee –  assists the Financial Aid Director in disseminating federal financial aid and scholarship information on a timely basis. Promotes and supports students completing applications as appropriate. Determines scholarship and Angel Fund recipients based on policy guidelines and student's application.
Vanessa Thomas Tina Ploium
Brandi Snider Galynn Lindemann
Clayton Peltier, Chair Chris Dahlen

Faculty SenateForum wherein all faculty have opportunity to discuss ideas, issues, or improvements toward working together and improving student outcomes.
All CCCC faculty members.