Mission, Vision, Key Values


Graduation 2015

CCCC provides opportunities that lead to student independence and self-sufficiency through academic achievement and continuation of the Spirit Lake Dakota language and culture.

Vision Statement

Gathering in the Student Union

CCCC builds a strong and viable Dakota community that enjoys physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Key Values

Drum Group

Shared Responsibility

• We are respectful of each other.
• We believe in the value of educational and vocational training.
• We believe in the potential of our students.
• We value working together - student, College, family and the community.

Commitment to Quality

• We strive toward being the best tribal community college.
• We strive to provide appropriate courses and academic programs.
• We employ fully qualified faculty and staff in all positions.
• We structure the institution to optimize the skills and contributions of stakeholders
• We maintain accreditation.

2016-2017 Student Government Officers

2016-2017 Student Government Officers:
Darian Charboneau, president; Danacia Greywater, Sargent at Arms; Ira Woodhull, secretary; Bailee Longie, Vice President; Cierra Green, Treasurer; Dixie Omen, Director of Student Success