Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management Program

The Associate of Science (AS) in Natural Resource Management provides a theoretical foundation that is enhanced by experiential and service learning opportunities. Essential study courses in communications, social sciences, mathematics, science and computer science, and Dakota Studies, provide the groundwork for the Natural Resource Management courses. The program is designed to expand students’ knowledge of their environment while recognizing the importance of policy, society, and economics in relation to caring for Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth).
Sovereignty of tribal nations falls within their existing land bases. The Dawes Act or General Allotment Act adopted by Congress in 1887 authorized the United States to divide Indian tribal land into allotments for individual Indians and to open up “excess” lands for non-Indian settlement. American Indians (AI) must become more knowledgeable in how national policy has affected tribal governments’ ability to govern and manage their natural resources. The AS in Natural Resource Management provides an academic base for those interesting in the importance of land and resource management among tribal nations.

Program Outcomes:

• The student will demonstrate critical thinking skills in understanding natural resource problems.
• The student will develop practical skills in environmental science.
• The student will demonstrate technical skills in environmental monitoring/research.
• The student will understand the broad ethical considerations of natural resource management.

Program Characteristics

Associate of Science in Natural Resource Management is designed to provide the basic knowledge, skills, and strategies to assist individuals or groups in realizing the importance of natural resource management in regard to guarding sustainable resources. Graduates have a solid and comprehensive education program based in science that allows for enhanced natural resource management activities as well as transfer to a four year program in a related field of study.


The Natural Resource Management faculty are professionals who have been employed in private and public sectors of education and business. They continue to participate in professional development and scholarly activity to enhance their knowledge and to serve as role models for lifelong learning.

Heidi Ziegenmeyer
Douglas Cudworth

Heidi Ziegenmeyer

Douglas Cudworth


Courses of Essential Studies

Course # Course Name Offered
ENGL 100 Student Success FA,SP
ENGL 110 College Composition I FA,SP,SU
ENGL 120 College Composition II* FA,SP,SU
COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking FA,SP 3
ENGL 161 Dakota Language I FA,SP,SU
DS 110 Dakota Culture and History FA,SP,SU
  ND:HUM or ND:FA or ND:HIST  
BIOL 124/L Environmental Science SP 4
  ND:SS or ND:HIST  
ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics FA 3
CSCI 110 Introduction to Computers FA,SP 3
MATH 103 College Algebra** FA,SP,SU 3
CHEM 115/L Introduction to Chemistry***   4
CHEM 121/L General Chemistry*** FA  
HPER 217 Personal & Community Health FA,SP
HPER101-104 Physical Education Activity   1


Core Classes

Course # Course Name Offered
NAT 102 Introduction to Natural Resource Management FA
NAT 297 Natural Resources Internship (4) IND 3
  Program Electives (choose from below)*  


Program Electives

Course # Course Name Offered
BIOL 150/L General Biology I FA
BIOL 151/L General Biology II SP
BIOL 230/L Ecology (Nature Study)*** FA,SU
CHEM 116/L Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry FA 4
ENS 202 Environmental Issues SP
ENS 225/L Environmental Sampling*** SP 4
ENS 299 Topics in Agriculture/Natural Resources FA
GEOL 102/L Historical Geology SP,SU 4
GEOL 105/L Physical Geology FA,SU 4
GEOL 219/L Intermediate Geology***** IND 4
MATH 210 Elementary Statistics****** SP 3
NAT 105/L Wildlife Identification SP 4
NAT 215/L Plant Identification FA 4
SOIL 210/L Soil Science SP 4
SOIL 217 Intro to Meteorology & Climatology FA,SP
SOIL 264 Natural Resource Management Systems SP 3
* Prerequisite of ENGL 110 (College Composition I)
** Prerequisite of ASC 093 (Intermediate Algebra) or Appropriate Placement Test
*** Prerequisite of MATH 103, Appropriate Placement Test, or MATH 210 AND instructor approval
**** To be taken at any time following the first year of coursework
***** Prerequisite of GEOL 105
****** Prerequisite of ASC093 (Intermediate Algebra) or MATH 100 (Intro to Quantitative Reasoning) or instructor approval.


Degree Program Total Credits.....61-76