Pre-Engineering Program

The Associate of Science (AS) in Pre-Engineering is designed for students who intend to major in engineering. The AS in Pre-Engineering provides students with courses including chemistry, humanities, calculus, physics, and social sciences while including the basic engineering skills and knowledge to transfer to baccalaureate degree program in Engineering. Students should be aware that most pre-engineering courses have mathematics and science prerequisites and that improper scheduling of courses can lengthen the time required to complete the degree.

Program Outcomes:

• The student will solve engineering problems by applying knowledge gained from math/physics.
• The student will communicate the interpretation of a problem scenario with the solution.
• The tudent will demonstrate technological competence through basic engineering practices.
• The student will demonstrate ethical responsibility in the engineering profession.

Program Characteristics

The program is focused on transfer to North Dakota State University engineering baccalaureate programs; however, courses will transfer to other engineering schools as well. Bachelor of Science Engineering degrees vary by discipline and by institution. Students are advised to consult with an academic advisor or counselor when selecting their specific engineering discipline to ensure appropriate transfer for their specific area of engineering.


The Pre-Engineering and Mathematics faculty are professionals who have been employed in private and public sectors of education and business. They continue to participate in professional development and scholarly activity to enhance their knowledge and to serve as role models for lifelong learning.

Mike Parker
Karl Haefner

Mike Parker

Karl Haefner

Karen Saari
Karen Saari


Courses of Essential Studies

Course # Course Name Offered
ENGL 100 Student Success FA,SP
ENGL 110 College Composition I FA,SP,SU
ENGL 120 College Composition II* FA,SP,SU
COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking FA,SP
DS 110 Dakota Culture and History*** FA,SP,SU 3
  ND:FA or ND:HUM or ND:HIST   3
  ND:SS or ND:HIST   3
  ND:SS or ND:HIST   3
CSCI 101 Introduction to Computers FA,SP
MATH165 Calculus I** FA,SP 4
MATH166 Calculus II**** FA,SP 4
  ND:LABSC - Lab Science Elective   3
  ND:LABSC - Corresponding Lab   1
ENGL 161 Dakota Language I FA,SP,SU
HPER 217 Personal & Community Health***** FA,SP
HPER101-104 Physical Education Activity   1
  *Prerequisite of ENGL 110 (College Composition I)  
  **Prerequisite of MATH 103 (College Algebra) and MATH 105 (Trigonometry) or MATH 107 (Pre-Calculus) with a grade of C or higher  
  ***Alternate Summer Rotation    
  ****Prerequisite of MATH 165  
  *****Prerequisite of CSCI 101    


Core Classes

Course # Course Name Offered
ENGR 115 Introduction to Engineering Profession FA,SP,SU 4
ENGR 210 Surveying SU 3
MATH 129 Basic Linear Algebra FA,SP 3
MATH 265 Calculus III* FA,SP 4
MATH 266 Differential Equations* SP 3
ME 221 Engineering Mechanic I (Statics)* FA,SP 3
ME 222 Engineering Mechanics II (Dynamics)* FA,SP 3
ME 250 Thermodynamics* SU 3
  Program Electives  


Program Electives

Course # Course Name Offered
AM 101 3D Modeling for Advanced Manufacturing FA,SP 3
CHEM121 General Chemistry I FA 3
CHEM121L General Chemistry I Lab   1
GEOL105 Physical Geology FA 3
GEOL105L Physical Geology Lab   1
ME 223 Mechanics of Materials* SP 3
PHYS 251 University Physics I*  
PHYS 251L University Physics I Lab*  
PHYS 252 University Physics II*  
PHYS 252L University Physics II Lab*  
  *Prerequisites or Corequisites exist. See advisor for details    
  Some program electives can be used in conjunction for general education requirements.    
  Note: Program Electives (Students should work with their advisors to choose courses that enhance their Pre-Engineering academic or career options.)    


Degree Program Total Credits.....76