Student Academic Complaint

Grievance & Appeal Process

The following procedure provides the steps for a student to file a grievance concerning a faculty member’s academic decisions. An example of an academic complaint is a final grade appeal.

1. In an attempt to resolve the concern, the first step for a student wishing to file a grievance about a matter pertaining to an academic decision made by a faculty member may discuss the matter first with the faculty member whose action has caused s/he to consider filing the complaint in an effort to resolve the situation informally. This meeting must take place within (14) College days of the date of the action.

2. If not resolved through informal discussion and over a period not to exceed (7) college days, the student may request to meet with the Director of Student Success. If the student decides to continue with a formal academic complaint, it must be in the form of a written grievance that is dated, details the incident, and provides sound reasoning for the Student Academic Grievance Form and so submitted to the Director of Student Success.

3. Within the next (7) College days upon receiving the Academic Grievance Form, the Director of Student Success schedules a meeting with the student to attempt to resolve the complaint.

4. The instructor will be asked to share their version of the incident in writing, and a determination will be made by the Director of Student Success that will be provided to the student either personally or by first-class mail within (7) College days of the meeting.

5. If this process does not achieve resolution of the complaint, the student may request a formal review of the grievance by the Academic Standards Committee.

6. The Academic Standards Committee will be comprised of randomly selected individuals from the following groups:
a. a student government representative;
b. a faculty member; and
c. a representative of the Student Success Center (Financial Aid, Registrar, Outreach, Director).

7. The Academic Standards Committee will consider the grievance as formally presented by the student, and will consult with all parties involved in the grievance through a meeting facilitated by the Academic Dean.

8. The committee will render a decision regarding the grievance within (14) College days upon receipt of the student’s initial formal written grievance. The student will be notified of the committee’s decision either personally and/or by first-class mail within (7) College days of the meeting.

The committee’s decision is the final step in the appeal process and their decision is final.

Student Complaint Form - Download, fill out and submit to the Director of Student Services, Clayton Peltier.